#0: Podcast Launch Day!

I couldn’t be more thrilled to officially roll out Episode Zero of the Future Self Podcast! The podcast is available for download from the iTunes Store, Google PlayStitcher Radio, and TuneIn. You can aolso download the episode from the player above.

The Future Self Podcast will provide weekly doses of valuable, actionable financial and estate planning tips from top attorneys, entrepreneurs, financial planners, and accountants. Our goal when we produce every episode is to leave you, the listener, with take-away tips and advice to make your life better in measurable ways. Because your values and beliefs are every bit as important as your money when it comes to planning for the future, we focus on strategies that empower every aspect of your life, from personal to professional. Next Friday on Episode 1 we’ll be discussing what happens to your social media accounts when you pass away or become incapacitated, and how to ensure your accounts don’t fall into the wrong hands. Join us every Friday for the most up-to-date content and planning strategies to make your future self your biggest fan.

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