#15: John Azar: Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Investor

This week I sat down with John Azar of MACC Venture Partners, a private equity commercial real estate firm in Gastonia, North Carolina. John has a compelling story and it was a privilege to have him in the studio this week. If you’re enjoying the podcast, please take a moment to hit that subscribe button and leave us a positive review in the iTunes store.

John Azar, Executive Vice President, MACC Venture Partners

John Azar, Executive Vice President, MACC Venture Partners

John was born in Aleppo, Syria, into an upper-middle class family. Despite this, John’s father insisted on instilling the value of hard work in his son, getting John his first job as a carpenter’s assistant. Then, at sixteen years old, John’s life was upended. During a period of civil unrest, John and his family were forced to flee Syria for the United States. John found himself in Charlotte, North Carolina, a place with few familiar faces and a language he didn’t speak. Instead of easing his way into his new culture, John took the baptism by fire route. With only a handful of English phrases in his vocabulary, John enrolled in an English-only high school where he went on to graduate. After high school, John obtained a Bachelors Degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, as well as a Masters Degree from Boston University.

During his time in Boston, John co-founded and served as Managing Partner of Boston Venture Partners, a private equity consulting and finance firm specializing in real estate development and structured finance. Last year John returned to North Carolina to serve as Executive Vice President of MACC Venture Partners and the Capstone Multifamily Group, where he directs strategic development and growth.

You can find John on LinkedIn, Twitter @businessanarchy, as well as the MACC Venture Partners website and Facebook page.

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