#37: Marc Mawhinney: Build a Stronger Business With a Natural Born Coach

After spending a decade building a thriving real estate firm, Marc Mawhinney watched as the market—and his business—collapsed around him. In this pivotal moment, Marc made the decision to dust himself off and keep moving forward, going on to launch Natural Born Coaches and establishing himself as one of the premier business coaches in his niche.

Key moments from this episode:

9:26 Finding his way into coaching after 10 years in real estate
16:20 The danger of becoming dependent on personal development content
21:15 How online coaches can find the line between providing free content and making money
24:15 Returning to print newsletters
26:35 The decision to add podcasting to his business


Connect with Marc Mawhinney at TheCoachingJungle.comTwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and NaturalBornCoaches.com.

Resources Mentioned:

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Natural Born Coaches Podcast

The Marc Mawhinney Show

The 4-Hour Work Week

The E-Myth Revisited

The War of Art

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