#8: Starting Up With Jeff Brokaw

This week I sat down with the most recognizable face (and beard) in the Charlotte startup scene, Mr. Jeff Brokaw. When he isn’t mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, Jeff is an Associate with the Venture Capital firm SierraMaya360, an early stage startup investment firm, as well as the director of the Charlotte Chapter of Startup Grind, a global startup community powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

You may have seen him at events, and perhaps heard his story, but in this episode we get under the hood and find out what makes him tick. Jeff dishes on everything from launching his first web hosting company at age 14, to his day-to-day routine in the venture capital world. He also hits on some of his lesser-known pre-teen business ventures (Jeff’s Shiny Shoes!), and what you should, and more importantly, shouldn’t, be saying when you’re pitching to an investor. Jeff’s also lays down his blueprint for courting high-value mentors in any field.

You can find Jeff on Twitter & Instagram @jeffbrokaw (yesterday was his 9th anniversary, so feel free to give him and his lovely wife a shoutout), at  Startup Grind Charlotte, and on LinkedIn.

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